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In order to serve you better, we constantly find new ways to improve our payment process and the speed at which you get your services delivered to you. We understand that a lot of people still have the phobia of releasing their card details to payment platforms (we do not keep or have access to people's card details, our payment processing partners handle that). In view of this and the provision of the technology to enable this by two of our payment partners (Paystack and Flutterwave), we want to introduce to you the (Pay With Transfer). With this method, you will be able to make payments via transfer using either Paystack or Flutterwave payment gateways and get your services faster.

Do follow the stated process to know how to make the transfer using Paystack and Flutterwave.

From the website

1. Select the product that you want to purchase from the website, add to cart, then click on checkout

2. On the checkout page fill in the required information and agree to the terms of service after properly reading through it. Select Paystack (Subscription as shown below) as the payment method. Then click on the checkout button

3. On the view invoice page, ensure that the total due section shows this

Then click on pay now.

4. This would pop up on the page

5. Select the transfer option and this would be shown

6. Pay to the account stated and do not reload the page. Once payment is made, click on the I’ve sent the money button on the page and a payment success would be shown to you. That is how easy it is to Transfer with Paystack and Rave.


Please follow these instructions below to make a successful payment via Paystack or Flutterwave:

1. Kindly note that payment via transfer transactions may fail because of several mistakes made while initiating the transfer: When a virtual account number is generated for a Pay with transfer transaction, the account will have a validity period of 30 mins or more depending on the prompt seen, this means you have to transfer the money within the time limit else the transaction will fail and a refund will be processed to you after a while if the transfer was made after the virtual account expires.

2. Also, you have to ensure that you transfer the exact amount for which the account number was generated, this means that if you generate a virtual account for a N500.55 transaction, you have to transfer this exact amount to the last kobo, nothing more or nothing less, else the transaction will fail and an automatic refund will be processed back to you.

3.Lastly, please do not save a generated account number with the intention of making transfers into it for subsequent transactions. These transactions will fail as a virtual account is always associated with the particular transaction it was generated for within the time limit given.

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