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Admin-Ahead's cPShield-v2 is the new and enhanced version of cPshield :: All In One Security Plugin for cPanel WHM. Being an extensive one-stop tool for cPanel security, this cPanel plugin comes with an exclusive license for use in Virtual Servers and Dedicated servers. Along with the GUI to manage Linux Malware Detect(LMD), RKHunter, Advanced Policy Firewall(APF) and Brute Force Detection (BFD) cPShield-v2 brings you Malware scanning, monitoring and quarantining, Mail queue monitoring and management, SSH Hardening, IP reputation check and essential server statistics with email alert notifications.

cPShield-v2 License

System Overview Dashboard
Malware Scan using Linux Malware Detect
RKHunter Interface
Mail Queue Manager
Firewall Manager (APF/CSF)
SSH Hardening
IP/Domain Reputation Manager
(Unlimited Accounts/Domains)
Free chat/email support for plugin related issues

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